C Trail – Sites

1. Pow-Wow: RV-compatible space with full amenities. Electrical power provided by solar array. Other hookups. Space can accommodate multiple vehicles. Waste handled by septic facility.

2. Homestead: Campground near pond within view of manor. Small footpath to manor for bathroom/spa, exercise, etc.

3. Glacier Hills: Between two hills, the campground is secluded but in a location convenient to the manor by the footpath.

4. Deep Woods: Most remote campground in the natural beauty of an unspoiled forest.

5. Rolling Meadows: An expansive view across a remote field of grassland. A private park to spread out and enjoy flying a kite or throwing a ball.

6. Treehouse: An ecclectic campground with a treehouse bordering the edge of a ravine. The treehouse is a rugged alternative to a tent.

7. Frontier: RV-compatible campground on a west-facing slope toward the valley. Vehicle access is trade-off for less spectacular view.

Red Barn

Red Barn

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  1. Rob M - August 4, 2017 Reply

    Some pictures of sites and views would be nice

    • Red Barn

      Red Barn - August 4, 2017 Reply

      Yes Rob, my thought as well. I’ll try to capture some views from each proposed campsite.

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