C Trail – Extras

A. Restrooms: Solar-heated shower water. Septic drains down hill. Think eco-innovative such as bio-char as additional filtration of effluvium.

B. Footpath: One route to manor. This is a connection to main facilities: spa/restrooms, exercise room, dining, office, etc.

C. Composting Toilet: Outhouse. Gender neutral. No shower facility.

D. Woods Trail: Quarter-mile (manicured). Off-path experiences. Some guidance (i.e. respect for soil, animals, delineation of property boundaries). Lost?

E. “Maintenance” Trail: Informal path to/from manor. Borders on edge of pasture and stream/gully.

F. Treehouse Rules: Some age-appropriate limitation. Give and receive respect of the structure. No young children falling out in their sleep. No under 12 or waiver. Obvious safety inspection, equipment (i.e. strong railing and ladder, signage if needed.)

G. Grazing Wildlife: In a fenced area. Keep pasture animals out. Open gates. Encourage foraging animals (deer). Predator watch as info.

H. Special Activities: Bonfire, harvest, planting. Eco-Agri-tourism. Special and personalized. Manor facilities upgraded for meeting and spa experiences.

Red Barn

Red Barn

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