C Trail – Justification

East Cayuga Lake is developing it’s unique tourism identity.

The area and its residents are genuine, rugged and inspirational.


Marketing analysis included from the Noonmark report (https://www.tourcayuga.com/partners/)

Overnight travel to the region as leisure visits focused on general relaxation, winery visits, family and friend visits, as well as shopping and romantic getaways. Other major segments are business and conference/group. Supporters of the rural area economy embrace the cross-promotion of attractions and multiple venues, informing visitors of other area services and activities.

Niche tourism products are experiences designed to satisfy specific groups of people rather than the mass market. Experiences are shaped around a common theme, place, or product. When developing niche tourism experiences, the designer must be sure that the market is large enough to generate necessary revenues, that the experience is accessible to the specific market, and that the specific market can afford the experience.

Two strategies can be employed to attract customers to a niche tourism experience. The two strategies are Market Development and Market Penetration. C-Trail is well-positioned to benefit from BOTH strategies.

Maintaining consistent quality throughout the visitor experience is essential to the success of a tourism business. To succeed as a network, each component organization must be enthusiastic about participating. Visitor centered networks succeed when all participating organizations and their associates are fully engaged in the delivery process. Foundation stones of success include well designed interpretive programs that tell an authentic and engaging story, welcoming visitor-oriented facilities, information placards, and tastefully designed and well maintained access roads, parking areas, and entrance ways.


Nature-Based Tourism

Outdoor Adventure

Agritourism and Culinary Experiences (to be developed)

In a recent national news story, the value of agritourism ventures on existing farms was highlighted. These culinary and farm-to-table experiences align well with the 2011 Young Strategies study, with 31% responding that a culinary/wine school would be an appealing addition to the asset mix for Cayuga County.

Cultural Heritage and History (existential experience of rural life)

Active Nature-Based Market (mid-twenties to late seventies) seems a strong fit for C-Trail experiences. The rustic, real environment is readily available while a more comfortable alternative exists. Specific activities such as kayaking, hiking, or cycling, as well as the availability of traditional or local music, local foods and beverages, and interactive natural environments. Develop a well-rounded offering to get their attention and deliver an experience that will keep them coming back.

A growing niche market which may have keen interest in the experiential opportunities of Cayuga County has been labeled as the Cultural Creatives. They invented the experience industry, which sells enlightening experiences rather than “things” — psychotherapy, weekend workshops, spiritual gatherings, personal growth experiences. They’re going beyond “stuff.” Holistic health: body, mind and spirit.


Located at the Southwest corner of the Town of Venice, the location is an ideal on-ramp to visitor experiences offered in the neighboring towns of Genoa and Ledyard as well as the greater Finger Lakes region.

Red Barn

Red Barn

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